Our Mission

You are in the right place if you are looking for a multi-genre lifestyle space that knows how to marry perfection and takes a holistic approach to conscious living in the recesses of well-being, personal development, art, style and culture.Yes, we also like to represent all women, because the diversity of forms, ethnicities and paths of each, is what also your happiness.Very often we are accused of not knowing how to sell But what many people do not know is that we do not just sell a service or products. Our strong point is and will always be human relations. Welcome to TOMBASANA


For creative and sophisticated women. Tombasana’s laid-back aesthetic, casual silhouettes and lively prints make for the impression of being bold in print and relaxed in the cut. Creating patterns and prints inspired by exotic locations and cultures, each season is a carefully crafted edition of timeless clothing such as dresses, long skirts, pants, jackets, jewelery and bags.

Be part of the tribe