Slow fashion

Small quantities, high quality At Célia Pale, we value sustainability and quality. Each of our prints tells a story and we want each garment to live as long as possible. Each Célia Pale collection is carefully studied; manufactured in small quantities of 16 to 50 units, driven solely by demand and recut whenever you see fit. We don't believe in filling warehouses with inventory. The current cycle of oversupply, constant sales and fast fashion is not benefiting anyone and changing our relationship with our clothes for the worse. Célia started this business in 2006 and worked alone until recently. Getting help and employing a great team means there's more time to think about and analyze the processes within our materials and manufacturing. We are committed to creating our product with more care and approaching the process with the aim of minimizing the impact on our planet and people. All Tombasana by Célia Pale products are rigorously tested and the care labels are adapted to each type of fabric. All fabrics are pre-washed prior to production. These are a few steps we've taken along the way that will ensure that all of your pieces stay beautiful and vibrant for longer.